Banksy organised the cans festival 2008
There was a bit of a queue
How to sneak a bomb onto the South Bank
MBW - Britney kissing Madonna
Pure Evil - Live East, Die Young
People, everywhere

This is what stencil pandas dream of, apparently

FAILE - provided the sound system
Camoflage statue holding a can of delicious Special Brew
Old Serb Club
Giant scalextric floor stencil - Now with extra lens flair
Floor detail
BANKSY - Graffiti cleaner
Nobody Cares.
Blood and Custard, no, that's not one of Captain Sparrow's family-friendly swears, it's the colour of those stripes.
Can you see what it is yet?
Peter Chappell - hates the TUC, likes Des Warren
Some knackered cars
BANKSY's 'hoodie'
Once more for scale - thanks random bloke
TONCH wants you to go to hell
That's THE toasters guy mid-stencil. If you've not seen 'a toaster' before you've been walking around with your eyes shut mate. They be EVERYWHERE. Srsly
Stencil Ally: A final free for all